Men were beasts. Everyone knew that.


I’m sorry? *she glared* Who are you to say I had an attitude? Maybe I’m naturally this way.

Well, Maybe you should change your demeanor. By your stance and tone it sounds like you have one. 

No offense, of course. Merely trying to advise you.


"But that’s if my magic ever comes back - and more importantly, if we ever get back.” Kyle sighs. It kills him, not knowing whose doing it was that brought them here, who else is here from the other land, and if whoever is behind this stole his magic for good. He doesn’t even know where to start in order to find them - but even if he did, what could he do?


"It sounds nice there - aside from the politics. I just wonder why I’ve never heard of any of it before," He rubs the back of his neck with his free hand, squinting his eyes and trying to recall anything, though he’s pretty positive he and the world of Oz had simply never crossed paths. "Who’s Elphaba?"

"Perhaps…" He’s trying to find the right words to say it. To find a way to offer the option without making Kyle angry, or suggest he’d prefer him that way. It’s not entirely false, but he wouldn’t allow Kyle to continue on feeling so incomplete in his life. But it’s difficult, in either world, what with his experience on the subject, knowing how tragic most situations end. "…it would be better if you never had them again? You have new knowledge from this world; you can help Arthur in other, nonmagical ways, ways his enemies wouldn’t know about because they lack the intelligence."

"It is actually. Politics tends to ruin the world it seeps into no matter the structure. Maybe it’s like this world, separated from yours and known only to its inhabitants and those who search for it." Brrr didn’t even know much about Camelot until a drunken visitor came to Shiz, and even then he didn’t truly believe anything could be found past the deserts. "Elphaba? Oh. She’s…" How can he describe the sickly green girl who had such an impact in his life, not sure whether he can say it was good or bad? She’d let him live, at least, and he knew that her story was not in black and white as the Wizard tried to make it seem. "She was known in Oz as the Wicked Witch of the West, an enemy of the Wizard and therefore, enemy of Oz."


Long day at work, it’s much needed when you’re the mayor. image

I can imagine. Your name gets thrown about more than you’d like, I’m sure.


I get it…but don’t take it out on me, or i’ll arrest you. *Winks and grins.*

*laughs* I wouldn’t want that. Who knows who might ransack the library while I’m gone?

How have you been?


Maybe I was trying to get someone’s attention. And maybe I got it [winks jokingly] 

Lunch break sounds so good right about now, to be fair!

-blushes but tries to shake it off- You get half of the town’s attention that way. I’m surprised you don’t have half the university on your boat.

Ah, and what do we have for this lunch hour?


Oh-ho, bringing out the big words now aren’t you! [grins] Maybe I just don’t feel like following what society… dictates… we should do! 

..Something like that. I got motor oil all over it from sprucing up Genie.

Are you going to learn them any other way? I doubt you find them out in the seas. -raises an eyebrow- Or are you trying to get someone’s attention?

And you decided baring your chest to wash it, or planning to take it as a sign for a lunch break?



Okay…calm down dude… i’m sorry.

Sorry, Emma. It’s just been a long day.



May I help you? 

I doubt you can help anyone with that attitude.