Men were beasts. Everyone knew that.


Oh-ho, bringing out the big words now aren’t you! [grins] Maybe I just don’t feel like following what society… dictates… we should do! 

..Something like that. I got motor oil all over it from sprucing up Genie.

Are you going to learn them any other way? I doubt you find them out in the seas. -raises an eyebrow- Or are you trying to get someone’s attention?

And you decided baring your chest to wash it, or planning to take it as a sign for a lunch break?



Okay…calm down dude… i’m sorry.

Sorry, Emma. It’s just been a long day.



May I help you? 

I doubt you can help anyone with that attitude.

"Did I say that book was available? No, I didn’t."


I could ask why are you wearing a shirt. Yeah! Beat that! 


You could, if wearing a shirt was the deviation from the norm. 

Rough waters?


Kyle quirks an eyebrow at Leon, mouth curving up into a playful smile. “If I can’t be a help to you in Oz, I think I at least had a spell for organizing shelves, so there’s that,” He chuckles, squeezing Leon’s hand gently. He makes a valiant effort not to blush at what it might mean, though he reasons with himself that it probably doesn’t mean what he might like it to - although he’s not too sure what he would want it to.


"Oh really now?" Kyle teases, his smile softening. He closes the book in their laps and sets it aside with his free hand, shifting around on the bed to face Leon with bright, curious eyes, still holding onto his hand tightly. "Tell me about it. I want to hear about your home."

"I’ll never have to worry about losing a place for my books again." He remarked, entirely amused at how positive he was he could help in any way. The way he squeezes his hand and just creates a contact with him brings a smile to his face, trying not to let it show since Kyle was blushing. He doesn’t want to give Kyle the wrong impression, or at least ruin their friendship by showing him how he feels. He’s important in his life, dependent on his presence and company. He gives Kyle a light squeeze back, just enough to let him know.

"Do you doubt me?" He raised an eyebrow playfully, adjusting to his new position as they placed the book on the floor, Leon now facing him, his legs crossed together. He had his hand in his, petting it unconsciously without even realizing it. "There’s not much to tell: Oz was split into four regions. There was Munchkinland, who most people know, but was much more political than people think; Quadling Country, which is a more rural and rustic area, that I’d prefer to avoid whenever possible; to the west, where Elphaba lived, was Winkie Country." He had the memory of her castle, of walking with Dorothy and the others up there. "It was beautiful as it was tragic. And then there was Gillikin in the North, where I was born. Well, I was born in the forest to be honest, but most people would roll their eyes at that."

"Why are you not wearing a shirt?"


"I agree, it’s so hot out today!"


It feels more like summer than Spring. I’m very nearly about to jump into the college pool. 

"It’s too hot out today. I feel like I’m going to shed all my would-be fur.